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At Langley Clark Recruitment, we pride ourselves on representing the highest quality of candidates. Our stringent selection process ensures that all candidates in our network possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and dedication to make a positive impact in healthcare.

LCR Candidates - A Compassionate and Skilled Team

Verona (GP)

“Working with Langley Clark has been an absolute pleasure. I Locum exclusively and as such, regular income is extremely important. My bank balance has definitely not suffered as I’m guaranteed an influx of work which is not too far from home. The relationship I have with the consultants is a symbiotic and mutually respectful one. I get paid on time, and if there are any queries, these are usually promptly addressed. If there are any gaps in meeting compliance, the team is there with the necessary resources. Overall, I’d say my experience has been a positive one.”

Sarah (RGN)

“I can’t express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with Langley Clark Recruitment. Their team of consultants is absolutely outstanding. From the very beginning, they were dedicated to matching me with the perfect job. Their finance department played a crucial role in ensuring that my payments were seamless. They handled all the financial matters efficiently, allowing me to focus on my role without any concerns about payments. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any healthcare professional.”

Liam (HCA)

“I cannot speak highly enough of Langley Clark Recruitment. Their team of Consultants went above and beyond to find me the perfect job match. What sets Langley Clark apart is their unwavering commitment to compliance. They meticulously ensured that all the necessary certifications and documentation were in place, making the onboarding process seamless and stress-free. In summary, Langley Clark Recruitment has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their team of consultants, their commitment to compliance, and their finance support makes them a great agency to work with.”

Olivia (ACP)

“I have had a mixed experience working with Langley Clark Recruitment, particularly when it comes to their Compliance departments. I must commend the Consultants at Langley Clark for their dedication and professionalism. They tried their best to match me with work close to home. Their support was invaluable in securing my locum work.
Their efficient approach to finance matters made the entire process seamless. They handled all financial aspects with precision, ensuring that I received my pay weekly. On the other hand, the Compliance department left me feeling a bit frustrated at times. There were instances when processing my documents seemed to take longer than expected, which created delays in my job placement. However, it’s worth noting that once everything was in order, they ensured I met all necessary requirements for my role. In conclusion, Langley Clark Recruitment has its strengths and weaknesses. Their Consultants are commendable for their dedication, but improvements could be made in terms of efficiency within the Compliance department. Overall this has been a good experience.”

Trevor (ANP)

“My name is Trevor and I have been working with Langley Clark for the past 8 months.
I just wanted to send you an email to express my gratitude for Nina’s professionalism.
Nina has been outstanding and an absolute joy to work with.
She is competent, kind, always responsive and the best consultant I have worked with in my 11 year career. Nina, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. You are amazing at your job and an asset to the Langley Clark Team.”

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